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Singbet – Worth The Risk? Or Not?

Singbet is one of the private Asian bookmakers that has a prominent following in the continent of Asia, mainly due to it offering a large number of Asian football events that other bookmakers won’t feature. Formerly known as Crown and incorporated in 2004, this non trading company involves 92000 gambling and betting activities. Despite the astronomically high limits offered by Singbet, they have not always been cast in favourable lights by the betting fraternity. But as always, let’s try to find out the pros and cons in depth and identify if Singbet is worth your money and time.

Difficult To Join And Take A Tour:

Access to Singbet is only available via bookmaking agents such as Asianconnect88. This makes it extremely difficult for any bettor to take a tour of the dedicated website and find out what really is on offer. To identify the value proposition, you have to make do with comments from other bettors in the community or take Singbet’s word for it. Only once you have taken access for Singbet, the whole offering will opened up for you.

Unlicensed and Unregulated:

When it comes to your money, safety is always paramount. Singbet fares poorly in that regard as it is both unlicensed and unregulated. In fact even Asianconnect88 has limited control over the actions of Singbet. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Singbet has not managed to garner a dedicated customer base outside of Asia.

Questionable Decisions and Voiding of Winning Bets:

Singbet is notorious in the bookmaking market for making fickle decisions and voiding winning bets without any explanations. Such actions have alienated even the most dedicated punters from this bookmaker over time. Any queries to identify the reasons behind such actions usually end with vague answers. Apart from such obvious slip ups, they are also known to close customers’ accounts without explanations and create new accounts while failing to carry forward any bets put in place using the earlier account.

Greater Limits and Better Sports Selection:

Despite the obvious shortcomings, Singbet has managed to stay in the game for so long due to offering higher limits that most bookmakers in the market. Their offerings on Asian Handicaps, Outrights for major events and the spread of major football events from around the globe is really alluring. By offering very high limits, Singbet manages to stay the hunting ground for bettors who prefer higher stakes. Ability to bet during pre-match and in-game events makes Singbet a great option for serious football bettors.
Not only that, they offer listings on many sports that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere on the internet. If you are into betting on obscure sports or sports that are not featured on any sportsbook, Singbet most likely will have something for you.

Good Selection of Currencies and Payment Methods:

Singbet supports HKD, USD, EUR and USD, four of the most major currencies in the world. By allowing EUR and USD, they are open to the most prolific betting markets. Payment methods include Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer and other traditional payment methods. Singbet allows one free withdrawal per month and each subsequent withdrawal requires a 2% commission.

Betting Resources:

Apart from the help and FAQ reading material, Singbet does not have much to offer in terms of learning resources. Which is why Singbet is usually the preferred destination for experienced and heavy bettors.

If you look at Singbet from limits, sports listings and betting options perspective, it is not a bad option at all. But the fact that they are unlicensed and unregulated plays heavy on the minds of anyone weary of losing their hard earned money. That slight apprehension, coupled with lores of voiding bets, makes Singbet the preferred choice for very experienced bettors only.


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