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9Wickets is a fairly new betting exchange that aims to boost liquidity equivalent to most renowned contemporary exchanges and provide some advantages in price. Punters can place lay and back options on various sports markets that in turn generates several alternatives to capitalize on profits. Though fairly new in the market, 9wickets has already established itself as a superb substitute for most leading exchanges.

9Wickets claims to offer official prices from Betfair, meaning it gives people who cannot access Betfair a chance to place stakes at those odds and prices by circumventing blocked countries. This has created a sizeable customer base for the exchange in short time. Apart from the United States, no other country is banned from betting on 9Wickets and despite being new, it has already garnered quite a following amongst new and seasoned bettors. Now let us have a look at how good 9Wickets really is or if there are any red flags.

Access and Registration:

In order to open an account with 9Wickets, you have to go through a broker/agent such as AsianConnect or BetInasia. However, the website of 9Wickets itself is not restricted and you can visit anytime to get a decent view of their sports events offerings and odds. A simple interface up front, it lets you quickly switch between all the sports and the in-game and pre-match bets. But that’s about all you can do because any other option requires you to register first. This is still a good thought on 9Wickets’s part to let potential customers know at least what they can look forward to.

9Wickets offers 4 different kinds of memberships:

  1. Silver Membership- It is 10-day membership with a permission to make 1 recommendation for another player to become a member.
  2. Gold Membership - 1 month membership with recommendation allowance for 2 new members.
  3. Premium Membership – It is for 3 months and 3 players can be recommended.
  4. Platinum Membership-This highest level membership offers registration for 6 months and member can recommend 4 other people for membership.

Sports That Matter:

While the 9Wickets sports list is not vast, they cover the premier sports that most punters love to bet on. Their offering includes Basketball, Football, American Football, Ice Hockey, Horse Racing, Rugby, Tennis and Cricket. As the name 9Wickets might suggest, Cricket is handled pretty seriously here as you get Test, ODI and T20 events from all over the globe including KFC Big Bash, Indian Premier League, Women’s international matches, international fixtures, county cricket and more. Each event provides in-play odds, pre-match odds and current liquidity levels.

Basketball events provided by 9Wickets are second to none as they bring to you NBA and NBA pre-season matches, Israeli BSL, Australian NBL, German BBL, French Pro A and Pro B leagues, New Zealand NBL, Italian Serie A, Women’s NBA, international matches and many more. In Tennis and Rugby, you can a get pretty decent offering from events from around the world which is good for a multitude of players.

In Soccer, 9Wickets provides the most comprehensive list of events and matches taking place internationally and in the top leagues of Africa, Europe, South America, North America and Asia. FIFA World Cup 2018 is already open for betting on outright options, pre-match, to reach quarter-final, semi-final and final, top scorer, top 4 goal scorers and winner of the World Cup. Apart from these events, international friendlies are also covered.

9Wickets provides Horse Racing events from over 20 countries, a list much larger than most of its competitors. Apart from traditional betting, Antepost betting options are there for all customers. The sports section allows quick navigation to any sport and its events with single clicks. Live events and upcoming events are neatly tucked away for you to quickly navigate to. The odds for each event are shown clearly. There is also a live streaming option for various important events that you can refer to for your in-game betting. The betting slips appear on the right-hand pane of the webpage for quick and easy reference.

Website and Usability:

While most other sportsbook or betting exchange websites look like a complete chaos with too many things going on, the 9Wickets website is a joy to view as it presents a simple, soothing and uncluttered page to users. The navigation options are so simple that you can visit through the entire website and discover all options within minutes.

9Wickets uses a beautiful color scheme that highlights all relevant information while being catchy. The website is also available in the mobile version. The mobile version is rendered to dynamically present itself on all types of mobile devices allowing customers to bet on the go. At any time you can use the settings from homepage to change the look and feel of the website. Despite being content rich in its own right, the site loads extremely fast. Which makes it perfect for users who do not have blazing fast internet.

Payments and Withdrawal:

The standard payment and withdrawal methods are available for all customers but the addition of Skrill and Neteller have added advantages for e-wallet users. Another handy addition is the support for Cryptocurrency as users can deposit with Bitcoin. Minimum 100 Euros deposit is required to start betting on 9Wickets which is pretty steep. Deposits are usually processed extremely fast.

Withdrawals of winnings are subject to 3% – 3.5% fees and deposit fees can vary from 1.5% - 2% fees. Fees vary based on the agent/broker you use to register with 9Wickets. Deposits are extremely fast but withdrawal is subject to certain delays, especially if they suspect an account of unlawful activity. You might need to provide KYC at any time to prove the authenticity of your transactions.

Customer Support:

9Wickets provides all standard types of customer support options including mail, message and phone. The customer support response times are pretty good and are available 24X7X365.

Some Concerns to Be Aware of:
9Wickets is a decent betting exchange with Betfair odds and pretty good liquidity at most times. But despite the string of good things, there are some concerns that any new or existing customers should be aware of. Here are the worrisome facets of this betting exchange:

  • Apart from the popular events, many events and sports can show very poor liquidity.
  • While the exchange claims to provide Betfair odds, there are cases where you will find odds that do not match those of Betfair.
  • The website does not provide an API for users, at a time when most betting exchanges provide specialized APIs.
  • 9Wickets does not have a mobile application which severely limits the options for users who travel a lot.
  • 9Wickets sometimes voids live matched bets without showing sufficient reasons. This can cause the bets to be uncovered and customers losing money.
  • 9Wickets might ask for KYC at any time when trying to withdraw winnings. In general the withdrawal process is slower than many betting exchanges.
  • Quite steep deposit and withdrawal fees which may hurt small to mid-level bettors.
  • They have been known to close bettor accounts randomly on suspicion of foul play without furnishing sufficient reason.
There you have it, 9Wickets has many pros going for it but some cons as well. If you are looking for a betting exchange with Betfair odds, a comprehensive list of events for your favourite sports and a clean uncluttered website to bet with, it is a good choice. But certain erratic behaviour when it comes to live bets, bet cancellation and slow winning disbursal makes it dodgy for low to mid-level punters. At the moment, it looks like a good option for seasoned bettors with deeper pockets who can withstand the occasional worries.


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