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About the web site

This is a relatively little known sportsbook that focuses largely on football matches. It is important to note that there are severe geographical restrictions placed on this site, but if you are within one of the countries that it accepts then it is certainly worth trying. This is a sports book for seasoned players. You will not find a lot of bells and whistles here. You log into your account and then immediately go to examine the upcoming contests and odds. The site appears to know the type of bettor that they are hoping to attract, and they do deviate from that model.

Respectable Odds

As we went through the site, we found the odds to be in line with other sites around the world. Commission rates are low, and the odds are continually updated. There is not a live betting option, which might be a turn off to some, but again this is not the casino to go to if you are looking for a lot of options. We also did not notice any bonuses or promotions to speak of. That does not mean that they are not offered from time to time, so it would be worth checking the site out periodically just to see what is available.

Customer Support

While there is not a live chat feature on the site, as is the case with many newer casinos, players with an account can email customer service for assistance. A response time should come within an hour, making this more suitable for account related as opposed to match specific questions. In the end, the customer support for this casino is a bit lacking, but again that will likely not be a major turnoff to the type of bettor that is likely to enjoy Bet ISN.

Worldwide Fixtures

You will not be limited to matches in one particular location. This casino hosts betting platforms for contests throughout Europe, Asia, and the America’s. You will find that the odds are continually updated, and fixtures are usually placed up for betting a week in advance. There is also an extensive research option built into the platform, so you can stay abreast of the latest trends impacting the clubs involved. Parlays are possible, but live betting is not. Again, this site is for you if you are looking to place a simple wager on a contest and hopefully sit back to collect your winnings.

Deposit Options

As the site is only offered in select countries, the deposit options are understandably limited. Visa and Master are, of course, accepted as the major form of deposit. For the players that this does not suit, the platform will accept Skrill and Neteller as well.

In Summary

Bet ISN is a sportsbook with a limited market. That being said, if you fall within their target user, you will find a site that offers you what you want. The platform is simple and clearly laid out. You can place your bet quickly and then move on with your day.


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