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About the web site

Matchbook operates as a betting exchange, providing bettors with multiple ways to place their wagers. They appear to be focused on implementing cutting edge technology into their platform, and this is evident from the contemporary look and feel to the site. They have a comprehensive horse racing site, in addition to providing the ability to Satse på nearly any major contest around the world. The site also offers a live casino, table games, and various slots to entertain players while waiting for their favorite contests to wrap up.

The Matchbook Concept

As opposed to most sports books online today, Matchbook incorporates a state of the art peer to peer betting exchange. It is designed to attract sports bettors who have a bit more knowledge and are looking to capitalize on lower commissions and more value based wagers. The site itself has a lot of liquidity, which allows them to never limit or restrict players who go on an abnormal winning streak. We scoured the online reviews and were hard pressed to find any player who complained about their account being frozen for this reason. Matchbook advertises that it is able to offer better odds across all of the various sports networks, including horse racing.

Bonuses and Promotions are Plentiful

As soon as you Besøk this site, you will notice a variety of bonuses and promotions being offered. The welcome bonus is a very respectable 500 Pounds cash back during your first five weeks operating on the platform. There are some terms and conditions, and deposits can only be made with either a debit or credit card, but this is solid offer all around. Read through the terms and conditions to learn more. We also noticed that they are currently offering zero commissions on all horse racing contests for a few months. This is certainly a money saver, particularly for the winners out there. It appears that they are offering this promotion in order to attract people from other sites, and that seems to be a good strategy indeed.

Payment Information

This is an area of limitation for Matchbook. They offer limited funding methods, none of which includes bank transfer. Players from supported countries are able to use their Visa or Mastercard of course. American Express does not appear to be accepted. Alternatively, the following methods of deposit can be used: Skrill, Neteller, and the Paysafe Card. These options appear to be aimed at the UK market, which looks to be where a majority of the players here are coming from. To expand into other markets, the casino will want to look at other payment channels. That being said, Matchbook is not a traditional casino in the respect that they operate on the betting exchange concept. As such, they only expand cautiously and are not actively looking at new market.

In Summary

If you are a seasoned sports bettor, this is certainly a casino worth considering. The platform might be a bit difficult for newcomers to get used to, however, so keep that in mind. In the end, the bonuses and promotions make it worthwhile to give the site a try.


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