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Molleybet is a trading platform with multi-channel interface designed especially for professional bettors and syndicates. Constituted back in 2008 to overcome issues related to poor liquidity, value fluctuations and manual errors in high stake sports betting, it has been a decade since Mollybet came to life and it is still going strong. Mollybet is famous for the unique Pull and Push API. This API of Molleybet allows traders to automatically execute the betting through different algorithms and trading tools. Another unique feature of the API is that the price to use the API varies depending on the amount of use.

They are the first to develop sports trading software with focuses on leading and innovating the market. Using Molleybet’s multi-account betting software punters get finest odds and premier limits via major Asian bookmakers and exchanges. But while all of this nice and fancy trivia starts to impress, let’s look at if it’s actually worth your time, money and efforts:

Restricted Access:

Accessing Mollybet is pretty tough as they are reachable only with registered booking agents such as BetInAsia . Once registered, you get to use a number of sportsbooks including the Mollybet API. Unfortunately this means that you cannot actually visit and take a quick tour of the Mollybet website to identify what they have to offer. The website has high level information on all segments in English and Chinese but the real deal can only be unearthed after registering for their services. You also need a minimum 100 EUROs deposit to open an account with Mollybet which is pretty high for new and even many experienced punters.

Trading and Betting a Delight:

Mollybet is integrated with over 40 bookmakers. The biggest advantage of using Mollybet is that you can place any bet with the bookmaker of your choice using a single account. You can start betting with as low as 10 EUROs. Currently, it provides extremely high liquidity which is hard to match by most sports trading software.

You can access the all the sports from a nicely tucked accordion menu. Once a sport is selected, all current events and championships are displayed in the left pane. If you choose today’s events or a championship, the current events are displayed in detail in the centre of the screen as current odds are updated in real time. If stake amount is greater than the amount available at selected best odds, next best odds will be selected and what you get is basically an average price. This saves your time to log into multiple accounts in an attempt to just get your stake on for a pre-game, in-game or early market bets.

By aggregating the odds in real-time, Mollybet removes the problems of price movements and manual execution mistakes. If no bookmaker is able to fill the requested stake, the API automatically places the total stake across separate bookmakers. They also provide a breakdown for all your recent bets and you can search full betting history with a single click.

Collaborating With The Best:

The Mollybet API is integrated with some of the best and biggest bookmakers and betting exchanges in Europe and Asia including but not limited to:

  • SBOBet
  • Pinnacle
  • Singbet
  • Betdaq
  • Betfair
  • Matchbook
  • BetISN
  • IBCBet
  • ISNBet

Sports That Matter:

Mollybet has a decent selection of popular sports to bet on. While the list may not be all encompassing, you will still get a good spread of Football, Basketball, American Football, Tennis, Baseball, Rugby Union, Boxing, Ice Hockey and Cricket events happening all across the globe.

Football generally rules the roost here with coverage of all major European and South American leagues, international competitions and Asian football. The football events come with half time and corner bets along with the traditional over/under, correct score and handicap bets. Football odds provided by Mollybet are among the best in the business with lowest possible juice. For the other sports, you will usually get all important events taking place around the planet with great odds. The live aggregator always brings to you best odds from all sportbooks. Your open bets and current profit and loss are tucked at the top left hand corner giving you a glimpse of your day and progress so far. You can quickly switch between early market bets, in-game bets or pre-match bets with single clicks.


The Mollybet website looks extremely attractive and easy to use. Staying in rhythm with the times, the website uses the latest HTML5 framework along with a very easily navigated and scrollable UI. The website is designed to run perfectly on your desktop, laptop or any other mobile devices. The unique Melbet API can be accessed from any of these devices which retrieves data in real time for all partner bookmakers. Despite being content rich the website loads very fast. In fact you do not need a very fast internet connection to access the Mollybet website so you can always place your bets on the go. The website is available in English and Chinese.

For further mobility, the Mollybet API is available as a mobile app on iTunes and Android stores. The app provides a stripped down yet intuitive interface which allows you to place bets from your mobile devices within seconds.

Unrestricted Betting:

As Mollybet is designed to attract more experienced clientele, its policies for players regarding betting limits or restricting bets are the best in the business. Unlike many bookmakers, beating the bookie is not punished on Mollybet, rather encouraged. Even if the players continue to place big stakes and win, they do not restrict the betting activity or close the account ever. This is great for high volume experienced punters who know the trick of the trade and make a living out of betting.

Payment Options:

Mollybet provides extremely secure payment options such as bank transfer, Skrill (Moneybookers) and Neteller. Depositing and withdrawing money is fast and easy from the interface and amount is credited instantaneously. They allow EURO, USD and HKD which should cover a vast majority of bettors from across the globe. Apart from the popular modes, Mollybet also supports Bitcoin so now bettors can make deposits directly from their wallets. A few more payment modes would have been great but those that are there are quite sufficient for most punters.

Some Cause for Concern?

Amidst all of the great odds, high liquidity and great aggregating factors, some concerns lurk. Among the bookmakers that are integrated with Mollybet, there are some that are unregulated and have been a cause of worry for many bettors. Singbet, for example, is known to void perfectly good winning bets without showing any reasons and randomly close accounts. These activities are not guarded against while using Mollybet. Perhaps a little rear-guard action against shady activities such as these would be a welcome change.

High Deposit and Withdrawal Fees:

While the bookmaking world is moving towards giving the bettors more and more advantages (#ChangeForTheBettor), some bookmakers integrated with Mollybet have very stingy deposit and withdrawals fees. Deposit fees of up to 1.5% and withdrawal fees of up to 1% can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket, especially when many premier bookmakers allow free withdrawal and deposit to the clients.

All in all, Mollybet is a novel betting API that brings the best of many bookmakers under one roof. With extremely high liquidity, great odds and real time odds correction, betting with them is a joy. As beating the bookie is encouraged, seasoned punters can definitely benefit from their collaboration with Mollybet. But the deeper pockets needed to register and then operate with them makes it a pet of only the bigger bettors. If you could take the risk of placing your bets with some unregulated bookmakers, Mollybet could be the ideal betting haven for you.


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