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Maxbet – Maximum Pain Or Maximum Gain?

Asian sportsbook giant Maxbet was founded in 2008 and it soon started to establish a permanent foothold in the world of sports betting. Licensed by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation in Philippines, Maxbet is owned by Firtsright Developments Limited. Handling billions of dollars’ worth of bets each month, Maxbet is definitely a hit amongst punters. But as they complete a decade of staying in the game this year, we take a good hard look at Maxbet and what you stand to gain or lose if you partner with them.

Maximum Betting Options = Maximum Gains:

Maxbet provides betting options on most of the popular sports you can think of. Like many Asian bookmakers, their primary focus is on football, especially Asian football. But games like racing, hockey, snooker, baseball, rugby, cycling and even horse and dog racing, to name just a few, are covered well on this platform. However, what attracts most bettors to Maxbet is the huge selection of betting options to choose from during any sporting event.

Maxbet allows Mix Parlay, special bets, outright bets, even/odd bets, over/under bets and moneyline bets to choose from. But for football games you can also go for first/last goal, leader at halftime, correct score, total goals and so on which maximizes your chances of winning and focus on the aspect of the game you know the most about. Add to all of this the famous Asian Handicap and you have got plethora of options that are geared towards great payouts. Hence it comes as no surprise that billions of dollars’ worth of bets are placed on Maxbet every month. If all of that was not enough, odds provided by Maxbet can compete with the best in the business with ease.

Bigger Limits For Better Players, But Something For Starters Too:

Maxbet is the perfect bookmaker for experienced punters as they offer an upper limit of 30,000 USD! This kind of limit is almost unmatched across the board when you look at bookmakers around the world. And the good news is that they are not skewed towards professional experienced bettors only. The minimum bet amount is a measly 3 USD. It means that bettors just starting out in the trade can dip their toes to get a feel of the game and the platform before going big.

Live Betting and Casino Games For Hours Of Fun:

Like most bookmakers, Maxbet provides a live betting feature to its punters but the difference is in the volume. With Maxbet, you have over 6000 events to choose from for your live betting escapades. If you are tired of the abundant sporting events (which is highly unlikely), you can head straight towards the casino games of Keno, Bingo and much more. To add more spice to the already tasty dish, Maxbet offers a live casino experience which should not be missed.

Payment Needs Some Spruce Up:

After reading the review so far if you are triggered to join the site and start betting, there is the slight catch. Maxbet is not quite as comprehensive in terms of payment methods as most of its compatriots. Yes it supports Neteller, Skrill, Moneygram, Western Union and Wire Transfers, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The surprise absence of some of the most popular payment methods makes deposit and withdrawal somewhat restricted.

Website Needs A Major Makeover:

The Maxbet website looks intuitive but should be given a major makeover considering it is already 2018. The website has an early 2000s look and feel and comes across as dull. The absence of comprehensive sports list on the home page or as an accordion menu is a letdown. Most information on the site is restricted to only registered users. Meaning if you are just browsing to see if this bookmaker will work for you, tough luck. The site provides a mobile version which is a big thumbs up. But certain buttons do not work on the home page which is a shame for a bookmaker of such stature and should be fixed immediately.

Support Is Good, But No Live Chat:

Maxbet’s support team is among the best when it comes to quick response times and speedy resolution of issues. The team can be contacted via phone, mail, email and skype 24X7X365. But the surprise absence of a live chat option certainly deducts a lot of points from the bookmaker. A live chat option is almost always the first support step most bettors go for when something goes wrong. The dedicated phone lines for Chinese and English is nice touch though.

All in all, Maxbet is one of the stronger bookmakers in the market and they are there to stay for a long time. The seemingly endless betting options, huge limits, great odds and a large spread of events mean that they keep a lot pf parties engaged and interested at the same time. A quick sprucing up of the support options, payment methods and the website could make Maxbet every punter’s darling.


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