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Betfair is an 18-year-old betting company based in the United Kingdom and it is the largest betting in the world. So naturally, you would expect a great experience from using it as well as good customer service. Let’s see how they do:

Betfair’s website has a clean and crisp look to it which usually features offers for their customers. You will be greeted with their most recent offers than you can take advantage of. Their website is simple to use, and it is really easy to navigate around the different sections of the site to find bets. Compared to the websites of other bookies, it is the most convenient to use, and can effortlessly stay on the site and stare on the screen for as long as you need.

They have several apps for sports, exchange betting, casino, arcade, bingo and poker, amongst others which have more than a hundred thousand downloads. These apps also have a good user interface and lets you bet easily whilst watching your favourite sport or event. The variety of events to bet on as well as the bingo, casino and arcade with excellent enjoyable games can also be accessed on their main website.

As mentioned above, they have loads of promotions and bonuses and free spins for new and existing customers. At times, you will also have the chance to use more than one of their offers.

Betfair has good odds on standard bets and usually high odds on horses. They also cover a wide variety of sports and events. Theirs is higher as compared to bookies in the high street. Due to this, it gives you more alternatives to develop winning strategies.

If you want to be absolutely sure their odds, you can open two tabs of bookies simultaneously and you’ll see that their website really has better odds. The only downside to this though, is that some bets will take out higher commission – so be careful about this.
Cashing out is extremely easy and hassle free, just follow their identification process and you can withdraw your winnings in no time. This is nothing compared to other bookies who takes forever to cash out or even put your winnings on hold for some senseless reason.
And probably the best thing about Betfair is their customer service. You can easily resolve problems with them via live chat and you can expect friendly professionals to sort out your issue with them. If you’d like to speak to them instead, their call centre agents will handle your queries with the same professionalism too. They would never make you feel embarrased. They would also recognise you if you are a regular customer, and maybe give you access to some offers or promos, if you are lucky!

You can also follow them on twitter and facebook where they have an awesome presence. Whoever runs these accounts engages with customers well and have excellent sense of humour. They also give you regular updates and some tips and advice on betting. Together with other bookies, they use the hashtag #WhenTheFunStopsStop to promote responsible betting.

Overall, Betfair great platform that makes betting quick, fun, and effort free!


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